A+ Interactive Math provides everything your child needs to learn at his/her own pace and master various math concepts. It makes your child an independent learner. It does the teaching and grading for you, so you don't have to.

What you get with A+ Interactive Math:
We offer the following grades for you to choose from...
  •  1st Grade
  •  2nd Grade
  •  3rd Grade
  •  4th Grade
  •  5th Grade
  •  6th Grade
  •  Pre-algebra
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No Contract. Cancel Anytime. Money Back Guarantee.

Homeschool Math Curriculum

What our customers say...

Nothing makes my heart smile more than hearing my girls enjoy learning!

The Vintage Mommy

A+ Interactive Math is his new favorite thing in the world!

Eric S

My 2nd grader has been able to work at her own pace - which she loves!

Samantha M

Well we love A+ TutorSoft, plain and simple. It really engages children and makes learning fun!

Kathy B

Truly, A+ takes all of the guesswork out of math - lesson plans, worksheets, grading and tests. It's all here!

Laura S
How will the A+ Interactive Math help me and my students?

A+ Interactive Math does the teaching for you and makes homeschooling mathaffordable for any size budget. It eliminates the stress of teaching Math, saves your valuable time and makes your students independent learners! The A+ Interactive Math includes everything you need - Video Lessons, Interactive Review, Lesson Worksheets, Chapter Tests, Review, Automatic Grading, Progress Reports, and much more.

A single grade level of your choice is available for just $10 per month. You can setup an automatic payment of just $10 each for up to 12 months. Don't worry - there is NO CONTRACT. You can CANCEL anytime.

Key Benefits:

  •  Frees up your time - you don't have to teach. The program does it for you.
  •  Eliminates the stress of teaching math
  •  Accelerates learning
  •  Makes students Independent learners
  •  Eliminates math struggles
  •  Turns math haters into math lovers
  •  Improves student's confidence
  •  Builds solid foundation in Math
  •  Matches your child's learning style
  •  Provides environment where students thrive
  •  Self-paced

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No Contract. Cancel Anytime. Mony Back Guarantee.

Monthly Plan
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$10 Most Popular
3-Month Plan $25 Great for Short-term Need
1-Year Plan $79 BEST Value
A+ Interactive Math Gives Students More!

More math review, more individualized teaching, more printables, more solutions.

  •  Video Lessons
  •  Interactive Reviews
  •  Lesson Worksheets
  •  Chapter Tests
  •  Cumulative Review
  •  Step-by-step Solutions
  •  Automatic Grading & Tracking
  •  Progress Reports
  •  Printable Lessons (PDFs)
  •  Printable Worksheets (PDFs)
  •  Printable Chapter Tests (PDFs)
  •  Printable Quick Reference Guide
A+ Interactive Math Gives Parents More!

A complete freedom from the stress of teaching and grading math! More Mommy (or Daddy) time for what's most important in your life - your children.

  •  Manage Multiple Students
  •  More free time
  •  Recommended Lesson Plan
  •  Instant online grading
  •  Parental controls to optimize program features
    • Lock/Unlock Solution Guides
    • Increase Testing Time
    • Hide/Unhide Calculator
  •  Progress reports identify areas of strengths and weaknesses
  •  Manually update student scores for printable worksheets and chapter test

  Eliminate the Stress of Teaching Math.

Take it Easy. Relax. The A+ Interactive Math Does It All for You.

FAQs - A+ Interactive Math
  • Our curriculum is much more comprehensive than most others out there. The video lessons are designed to keep student's attention with lots of visual stimulation (colorful animation from real life examples that students can easily relate to). We focus on the contents that teach and not on the person who is teaching. It is NOT recorded video of a person teaching. Video lessons are truly animated with colorful visuals - students LOVE this.

    In addition to our video lessons, we have an Interactive review. It's like a quiz to make sure student is actually learning. It asks few questions about what was taught in the lesson and if student gets something wrong, it automatically reteaches that portion of the lesson and shows step-by-step instructions. NO other curriculum on the market has this feature. This is a HUGE differentiator for us and thousands of families LOVE it.

    Plus we have worksheets for extra practice that can be completed online and graded automatically or can be printed for offline work. We also have chapter tests. Students can review each question after completing the worksheets and tests to check their work and see step-by-step solutions.

    Our curriculum is very flexible. Your students can go at their own pace.

    Affordable: We make it affordable for the families. Just for $10 per month you get a top of the line comprehensive math curriculum with a single grade level of your choice.

  • You get a complete freedom from the anxiety of teaching and grading math for just $10/month. You will get a top of the line comprehensive math curriculum with a single grade level of your choice which will teach your students and keep track of student's work for you w/ automatic grading. The curriculum includes Video Lessons, Interactive Review, Lesson Worksheets, Chapter Tests, Review, Automatic Grading, Progress Reports, and much more.

  • You select a single grade level of your choice for $10/month. As this offer includes a single grade level, you cannot change the grade level. However, you can cancel and sign-up for a different grade level at any point in time.

  • Yes, it is really just $10 each month. You can setup a monthly payment plan and our payment processor will bill just $10 each month for the number of months you selected for your subscription. Of course, you do have an option to purchase the curriculum outright for an entire year for $79 as well.

  • Absolutely - We have 100% money back guarantee. We are confident that this curriculum will meet your needs (90% of the families who sign up, continue with our curriculum), however, for some reason you decide to cancel, we will refund your $10 as long as you cancel before the end of the first month. You may cancel any time after that and stop any future payments but the money for the prior month(s) cannot be refunded.

  • You have option of getting multiple grade levels/subscriptions for just $10 per month for each student. However, if you have 2 or more students, we recommend getting our "Family Math Package" which includes all grade levels (1st - 6th and Pre-Algebra) in a package and upto 10 students for one low price.

  • Yes, the A+ Interactive Math offers automatic grading and tracking for the worksheets and exams that are completed online. Additionally, it offers the printable worksheets and exams for those who wish to print and document work on paper.

  • Absolutely! For just $10/month, you certainly can use this to supplement your existing math curriculum. You will get a lot of value out of this curriculum for just $10 even if you use it as a supplement. You do not have to use this curriculum as the main curriculum. However, like many other homeschool families, you may actually end up switching to this curriculum as your main curriculum - just a warning...

  • You simply click on one of the "Sign me up" or "Buy Now" buttons, select a grade level, a payment option with number of payments and finish the checkout process. Simply follow the on-screen instructions provided during the checkout process.

  • Our curriculum was designed well before the common core came into existence. It is a result of over 20 years of experience in tutoring math having worked with hundreds of children, many of them homeschooled children. We have also done an extensive research and study of some of the most challenging standards both national and international to ensure our curriculum is one of the top-notch in the market. In addition to this, we have worked with many homeschool experts and veteran homeschoolers to ensure our curriculum is the perfect fit for the homeschool community. The teaching methods that we use in our curriculum are result of extensive experience working with children and figuring out various techniques and learning styles that work most effectively with children. We have NOT done anything in our curriculum to specifically align with common core. However, we do know for fact that our curriculum far exceeds common core and gives children a very strong foundation in math that you can count on.

  • Yes, you can access A+ Interactive Math with any iPad or mobile devices using the native browser.

  • All you need is a computer (Windows PC or MAC) or any mobile device with high speed internet connection and any popular browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Apple Safari etc.

  • No, the A+ Interactive Math is an online program and does NOT store any data to your local computer. All student assignment data is maintained on our secure server. Therefore, you will not lose any data due to problems with your computer. You may go to any other computer with high-speed internet connection and login to your account to access your A+ Interactive Math Online.

  • The A+ Interactive Math is an online curriculum which means an internet access is required. So you must have a high-speed internet connection to access and use most core features and functions of the math program. However, you have an option to "print" lessons, worksheets and exams to work offline on the go.

  • This $10/month offer includes a single grade level of your choice for 1 student. The Family Math Package includes all the grade levels (1st-6th and Pre-algebra) and upto 10 students in a package. With the Family Math Package, you can change the grade level for any student at any time, but with a Single Grade Level - it is exactly as it says - a single grade level of your choice.

Video Lessons

  •  Short video lessons with colorful animation make learning math the most engaging and a positive learning experience.
  •  Video lessons refer to objects and situations in daily life to make math more relevant.
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Interactive Review

  •  Interactive Review for each lesson ensures student is learning by giving a short quiz about the lesson.
  •  Each time student answers a question correctly, it rewards him with immediate feedback.
  •  It automatically re-teaches part of the lessonwhen student answers any question incorrectly -an immediate reinforcement.
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Worksheets + Solutions

  •  Each lesson includes a worksheet for additional practice to master the math concepts.
  •  After completing the worksheet, student can refer to a step-by-step solution for each problem on the worksheet.
  •  Worksheets can be completed online or can be printed for offline use.
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Chapter Tests & Solutions

  •  A chapter test reviews and tests student knowledge for all lessons in the chapter.
  •  Chapter tests are timed but parent can adjust the amount of time allowed to complete the test.
  •  After completing the chapter test, student can refer to a step-by-step solution for each problem on the test.
  •  Chapter tests can be completed online or can be printed for offline use.
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Automatic Grading & Tracking

  •  Student work is tracked online.
  •  Each online worksheet and chapter test is automatically graded.
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  •  A report for each completed assignment is available.
  •  Summary report with combined overall grade is also available.
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