Identify and Close Learning Gaps in just 3-months - $29

Adaptive Math Curriculum w/ Placement Test program provides everything your child needs to excel in math. Identify and close learning gaps in math. Get your kids back on grade level. Or let advanced math students whiz ahead by working at their own pace.

What you get in your Adaptive Math Curriculum w/ Placement Test:
Adaptive Math Curriculum w/ Placement Test program includes access to following grade levels.
  •  1st Grade
  •  2nd Grade
  •  3rd Grade
  •  4th Grade
  •  5th Grade
  •  6th Grade
  •  Pre-algebra

Short placement test for each math concept accurately gauges student's skill-level. The program then creates an individualized lesson plan to close learning gaps. The lesson plan with colorful animation and videos makes Adaptive Math CurriculumTM the most engaging computer based learning system available today.

Tailored to your child's unique abilities and needs, this program lets students learn at their own pace, in the way that's optimal for them.

The Adaptive Math CurriculumTM empowers students to excel from whatever level they start at and be their absolute best!

Identify and Close Learning Gaps in just 3-months!

Affordable for families with any size budget!

  1 Student Family Plan (2 to 10 Students)  
3-Month Plan $29 $49 Most common choice
1-Year Plan $79 $149 BEST Value

  •  Fully automated
  •  No teaching experience required
  •  No math knowledge required
  •  Easy to understand
  •  Easy to use

  •  Identifies learning gaps
  •  Fits any learning style
  •  Targets weak areas
  •  Makes learning easy
  •  Makes math fun

  •  Improves grades
  •  Promotes independent learning
  •  Does everything for you
  •  Teaching, testing, grading...
  •  And more!

Easy to track progress!

Colorful Progress Reports!


A+ Visual Progress Reports help teach students that learning is a lifelong journey. They’re also easy to understand and make it fun to go the distance!

Adaptive Math Curriculum does it ALL for you!

Take It Easy.

 Let A+ Do The Work!
You don’t need to be a teacher or
even understand math. A+ teaches,
tests, reviews, grades and reports
progress, so you can relax and focus
on what’s important.
How will the Adaptive Math Curriculum help me and my students?

The Adaptive Math Curriculum program includes placement testing to check student's skill-level. It tests student in each math concept and accurately identifies learning gaps (if any). It then creates an individualized lesson plan for your student to close learning gaps. The lesson plan includes everything you need - Video Lessons, Interactive Review, Lesson Worksheets, Automatic Grading, Progress Reports and much more.

This program eliminates the stress of teaching Math, saves your valuable time and makes your students independent learners!

Key Benefits:

  •  Identifies and closes learning gaps
  •  Can be used as a supplement to any math curriculum
  •  Frees up your time - you don't have to teach. The program does it for you.
  •  Eliminates the stress of teaching math
  •  Accelerates learning
  •  Makes students Independent learners
  •  Eliminates math struggles
  •  Turns math haters into math lovers
  •  Improves student's confidence
  •  Builds solid foundation in Math
  •  Matches your child's learning style
  •  Provides environment where students thrive
  •  Self-paced

What our customers say...

Nothing makes my heart smile more than hearing my girls enjoy learning!

The Vintage Mommy

A+ Interactive Math is his new favorite thing in the world!

Eric S

My 2nd grader has been able to work at her own pace - which she loves!

Samantha M

Well we love A+ TutorSoft, plain and simple. It really engages children and makes learning fun!

Kathy B

Truly, A+ takes all of the guesswork out of math - lesson plans, worksheets, grading and tests. It's all here!

Laura S

  Eliminate the Stress of Teaching Math.

Take it Easy. Relax. The Adaptive Math Curriculum Does It All for You.

FAQs - Adaptive Math Curriculum
  • It is a comprehensive program to test student's skill level, identify learning gaps (if any) and close the learning gaps. It is easy to use, intuitive and includes comprehensive placement testing, fun lessons with interactive review and plenty of practice problems with step-by-step instructions to ensure your students master various essential math concepts.

  • The "Adaptive Math Curriculum w/ Placement Test" program is much more comprehensive than most others out there. It tests student in each math concept with a short "mini-test" instead of one big long boring test. This helps student focus on one math concept at a time. This program is "adaptive" meaning each math concept is tested across multiple grade levels to accurately identify student's current skill-level. The program then creates an “individualized” plan to help student close learning gaps with video lessons, interactive review, practice problems, step-by-step solutions, progress reports and much more..

    As you know, math is a very broad subject and students are expected to learn several math concepts for each grade level. Your student may be at the grade level for a few math concepts and maybe at different grade level for other math concepts. For example, your 4th grader may be exactly at the grade level for Multiplication andDivision, ahead of grade level in Addition, Subtraction, and Geometry but behind in Fractions, Algebra, and Measurements. Instead of locking a student in a particular grade level, it truly tailors the lesson plan to accurately match students learning needs for each math concept.

    Video Lessons - The video lessons are designed to keep student's attention with lots of visual stimulation (colorful animation from real life examples that students can easily relate to). We focus on the contents that teach and not on the person who is teaching. It is NOT a recorded video of a person teaching. Video lessons are truly animated with colorful visuals - students LOVE this.

    Interactive Review- In addition to our video lessons, we have an Interactive review. It's like a quiz to make sure student is actually learning. It asks a few questions about what was taught in the lesson.If the student gets something wrong, it automatically reteaches that portion of the lesson and shows step-by-step instructions. NO other curriculum in the market has this feature. This is a HUGE differentiator for us and thousands of families LOVE it.

    Worksheets and Solutions – This program includes worksheets for extra practice that are completed online and graded automatically. Students can review each question after completing the worksheets and tests to check their work. The step-by-step solution to each problem explains how to solve the problem and arrive at the correct answer.

    Multiple Grade Levels - This curriculum is very flexible. It includes grade levels (1st-6th grade and Pre-Algebra) as a package and you can change the grade level as needed to truly match your student's learning pace.

    Affordable: We make it affordable for the families. Just $29 for 1 students and $49 for up to 10 students for 3-months. We also offer a very affordable full year plan – Just $79 for 1 student and $149 for 2 to 20 students.

  • Absolutely! You can use this program to supplement any math curriculum that is out there. This program will check if the curriculum you are using is actually teaching your students the core math concepts they are supposed to learn for their grade level. So we highly recommend that you use this program to ensure that your students have no learning gaps.

  • Absolutely! You can use this program as the only math curriculum or to supplement any math curriculum. This program includes comprehensive math curriculum for each grade level (1st-6th grade and Pre-Algebra). If you use this program as the main curriculum, we recommend purchasing a full-year plan. When using this program as the main curriculum, you enroll your students in the "target" grade level which the grade level you want to go to next. The program will first test students what they already know and create a plan for the remaining math concepts they haven’t yet learned.

  • Yes. You select a "home" or "target" grade level for the student. This is typically a grade level most recently completed or will be completed soon by your student. Once you enroll your student in the "home" grade level, your student will be given a "mini test" for each concept for that grade level. The testing is "adaptive" which means the program will adjust the level of questions depending on the way student answers the questions. At the end of each test, the program determines the current grade level for the concept tested. So yes, the program tests each math concept across multiple grade levels.

  • Yes. This program not only identifies the learning gaps but it also creates an "individualized" lesson plan to close the learning gaps for each concept-level "mini-test" completed by your student. The lesson plan includes everything you need to learn and close the learning gaps - video lessons, interactive review, practice problems, step-by-step solutions, automatic grading and much more…

    As the student completes more "mini-tests" for additional math concepts, the lesson plan is automatically modified to include additional concepts to close any learning gaps.

  • The amount of time it takes to complete each "mini-test" really depends on how well student responds to the questions. If student is really at the current grade level, then he/she should be able to finish the "mini-test" in about 15 minutes. However, if student has learning gaps and is not able to correctly answer the questions, then the program will give additional questions (possibly easier questions from lower grade level) until the program can properly determine student's skill-level. In this scenario the total time to complete the test would be a little longer. Most students should be able complete the test in less than 30 minutes.

  • Yes. After the initial test, student is expected to follow the lesson plan to help close the learning gaps (if any). Once student has completed the lesson plan, he/she should go back and re-take each "mini-test" to see progress.

  • Typically, most students will need 3-months or less for testing and closing any learning gaps. If students have really serious learning gaps and you need additional time to work through the lesson plan to close the gaps, simply purchase additional 3-months and continue to use the program.

  • Yes, you can access A+ Interactive Math with any iPad or mobile devices using the native browser.

  • No, the Adaptive Math Curriculumis an online program and does NOT store any data to your local computer. All student assignment data is maintained on our secure server. Therefore, you will not lose any data due to problems with your computer. You may go to any other computer with high-speed internet connection and login to your account to access your Adaptive Math CurriculumOnline.

  • The Adaptive Math Curriculumis an online program which means an internet access is required. So you must have a high-speed internet connection to access and use most core features and functions of the math program.

Placement Testing

  •  Short placement test for each math concept accurately gauges student's skill-level.
  •  The program then creates an individualized lesson plan to close learning gaps.
  •  The lesson plan includes colorful and engaging Videos Lessons, Interactive Review, Practice Worksheets, Automatic Grading and Tracking, Reports and more...
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Video Lessons

  •  Short video lessons with colorful animation make learning math the most engaging and a positive learning experience.
  •  Video lessons refer to objects and situations in daily life to make math more relevant.
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Interactive Review

  •  Interactive Review for each lesson ensures student is learning by giving a short quiz about the lesson.
  •  Each time student answers a question correctly, it rewards him with immediate feedback.
  •  It automatically re-teaches part of the lessonwhen student answers any question incorrectly -an immediate reinforcement.
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Worksheets + Solutions

  •  Each lesson includes a worksheet for additional practice to master the math concepts.
  •  After completing the worksheet, student can refer to a step-by-step solution for each problem on the worksheet.
  •  Worksheets can be completed online or can be printed for offline use.
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Automatic Grading & Tracking

  •  Student work is tracked online.
  •  Each online worksheet and chapter test is automatically graded.
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  •  A report for each completed assignment is available.
  •  Summary report with combined overall grade is also available.
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