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Interactive Multimedia Learning & Teaching Management System Suite

About Us

A+ TutorSoft, Inc. provides Multi-Sensory Interactive Math Full Curriculum products to help students improve their grades at all levels. Our Multi-Sensory Interactive Math Full Curriculum products help the homeschooling families as well as public and private school teachers and students.

The goal of the A+ TutorSoft is to help students of all ability and grade levels reach their educational potential by offering expert instruction that is engaging, easy to follow and easily accessible. Using a proprietary learning platform that combines voice, visual and text-based instructions, we make learning Math easy. Centered on the proven methodology of a test-grade-review cycle, A+ TutorSoft's instructional platform delivers personal, highly-effective, and expert instructions.

The founder has consulted with many homeschool families, parents, students, math instructors and other math professionals to develop highly animated concise and "to-the-point" course contents. Several students and parents have been involved in the development process to ensure that our product offers an attractive user interface with the right content and features. The founder has engaged the company of pioneers in educational services software development to develop various software products.

The specific Math products we offer are:

  • Homeschool Edition - Placement Test w/ Lesson Plan to "Identify & Close" Learning Gaps
  • Homeschool Edition - Family Math Packages - Online (Options to choose between 1-10 students)
  • Homeschool Edition - Single Grade Level - Online Curriculum (PC and MAC compatible)
  • Homeschool Edition - Multi-Sensory Interactive Math Full Curriculum Software CDs
  • School Edition - Placement Test w/ Lesson Plant to "Identify & Close" Learning Gaps
  • School Edition - Multi-Sensory Interactive Math Curriculum
  • Full Curriculum Books
  • Workbooks (Worksheets & Exams PACK)
  • Mini Courses Online

Our Mission and Vision

  • At the A+ TutorSoft, our mission is to become your "Partners for Better Education".
  • We envision being your 1st Choice in providing quality Math educational products that are feature rich and easy to use at the "Lowest Total Cost".
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