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A+ Interactive Math
by A+ Tutorsoft Inc.



  • Why should I consider A+ TutorSoft products?

    A+ TutorSoft, Inc. offers very comprehensive Interactive MATH Curriculum products that are easy to use, self-paced, powerful and low cost. The goal of the A+ TutorSoft is to help students of all ability and grade levels reach their educational potential by offering expert instruction that is engaging, easy to follow and easily accessible at the LOWEST COST.

    Using a proprietary learning platform that combines voice, visual and text-based instructions, we make learning MATH easy. Centered on the proven methodology of a test-grade-review cycle, our instructional platform delivers personal, highly-effective, and expert instructions.

    We have been developing our Full-Year Interactive MATH programs for over 7 years based on extensive research into what students and parent-teachers want. We found students want simple and concise multimedia lessons, interactive problem-solving and step-by-step explanations to every problem and parent-teachers want the tools that will take the burden of day-to-day teaching away from them and allow them to focus on the specific area where students need additional help.

    We understand that learning and teaching MATH is not easy, so we do all we can to take the stress out so it is more enjoyable for everyone.

  • What products are available from A+ TutorSoft?

    A+ TutorSoft offers a complete line of Homeschool Math curriculum products. The specific products are:

    • Placement Test w/ Lesson Plan
    • Family Math Packages - Online (Options to choose between 1-10 students)
    • Single Grade Level - Online
    • Curriculum CD Software - Interactive MATH Curriculum
    • Printed Books
    • eBooks
    • Supplemental (concept-based) Interactive MATH Software CDs
    Please visit our website for more details and demonstration.
  • What grade levels are available from A+ TutorSoft?

    Currently, A+ TutorSoft offers,

    • 1st Grade MATH,
    • 2nd Grade MATH,
    • 3rd Grade MATH,
    • 4th Grade MATH,
    • 5th Grade MATH,
    • 6th Grade MATH,
    • Pre-Algebra, and
    • Algebra 1.

    A+ TutorSoft is working on additional high school grade levels and plans to offer K-12 Math curriculum soon.

  • I am an Apple MAC user, can I use A+ TutorSoft Math curriculum for my homeschool journey?

    Yes. A+ TutorSoft offers Homeschool Math Online edition which is compatible with most major browsers including Safari for MAC. All you need is a high-speed internet connection to use Homeschool Math Online after purchase.

  • Does A+ TutorSoft offer book products? If so, what book products are available?

    Yes. A+ TutorSoft offers several book products. Some of the titles available from A+ TutorSoft are:

    • Full Curriculum Books
    • Workbooks (Worksheets & Exams)
    • Supplemental WorkTexts
    • Cumulative Review Workbooks
    • Quick Reference Guides
  • Does the A+ Interactive MATH grade and track student assignments automatically?

    A+ TutorSoft offers Homeschool MATH Online Edition that includes worksheets and exams that can be completed online and graded automatically.

    However, The CD software does not offer this functionality. A+ Interactive Math CD software is a complete and highly effective MATH curriculum which allows parents to remain in control while alleviating any burden of teaching MATH concepts. Parents are NOT required to have mastery of MATH, but are able to maintain involvement at whatever level they deem necessary.

  • How much does A+ Interactive Homeschool Math Curriculum cost?

    Oftentimes, the A+ TutorSoft offers significant discounts on their Full Curriculum MATH products. Please visit our online products catalog under "Order Now" for latest pricing information.

  • What do I need to have to use A+ TutorSoft products?

    All you need is a computer with a Windows Operating System and about 250MB hard-disk space to use the CD-based software. If you are using an Online MATH curriculum, all you need is a computer (Windows PC or Mac) with a high-speed internet connection.

  • How can I get help from the A+ TutorSoft?

    A+ TutorSoft provides detailed user guides for all their products. You can also contact A+ TutorSoft at anytime by sending an email or using a phone listed on their Contact Us page.

  • Are the A+ TutorSoft products suitable for any states in the USA?

    A+ TutorSoft has worked very hard to provide most complete and comprehensive course contents to meet and exceed all state requirements.

  • Does A+ TutorSoft offer volume purchase discount?

    Yes. A+ TutorSoft does offer a price break for volume purchase. The amount of discount depends upon the number of items to be purchased. Please contact us for more information.

    For example, if you are part of a large co-op or support group and your group is participating in our "Group Discount Program", you will get 25% off on all software purchases at any time. If your group is not participating at this time, please have your group leader contact us at to setup a group discount for your group

  • Can I see a demo of the product before I buy it?

    Yes. Please see the View Demo link on the A+ TutorSoft site to view a full product demonstration of each product line.

    You may download a trial software for your Windows PC as well as sign up for a free 1-month access to Homeschool MATH Online.

  • What FREEBIES does A+ TutorSoft offer?

    A+ TutorSoft offers many daily FREEBIES such as,

    • FREE MATH Placement Tests
    • Free 1-month Online MATH
    • Worksheets
    • Exams
    • Multimedia Lessons
    • And even FREE Full MATH Curriculum CD (limited time promotional offer in the form of giveaways).
  • Can I install the A+ Interactive Homeschool Math Curriculum software on more than one computer?

    Yes, as long as it is intended for use by the members of the family in the same household. Under the license agreement, you are NOT permitted to install the software for any other use including commercial use. Please see the "Terms and Conditions" of the license agreement for details.

  • Why should I consider upgrading to Homeschool MATH Online?

    Homeschool MATH Online offers many more valuable features in addition to those included with the CD software. See Product Feature Comparison for more information.

  • How can I get updates from the A+ TutorSoft?

    If you are using a CD-based software, A+ TutorSoft will make the updates available on the website when appropriate.

    If you are using an online MATH curriculum, you DO NOT need to do anything to receive any updates. The A+ TutorSoft maintains the online portfolio with the latest updates. All the updates are made directly to our products on the web. You will automatically see the updates when you launch your application.

  • I noticed some errors in the multimedia presentation, what should I do?

    Please send an email to with detailed information explaining where you saw the errors.

  • How can I report problems to A+ TutorSoft?

    Please send an email to support@aplustutorsoft.comto report any problems.

  • Is there additional homework help available from the A+ TutorSoft?

    The additional FREE online homework help is currently not available from the A+ TutorSoft but the plans are in place and this FREE online homework help will be available to all student subscribers in a very near future.

  • How much does the homework help cost?

    The online homework help during pre-designated hours shall be FREEto all subscribers once available in a very near future.

  • Is the online tutoring available from the A+ TutorSoft?

    The A+ TutorSoft is developing plans to offer user paid online one-on-one tutoring as well as group tutoring sessions in a very near future.

  • How does the online tutoring work?

    Once available, students shall be able to schedule time for the tutoring. Students shall be allowed to join the live tutor online at a scheduled time.

  • How much does the Online tutoring cost?

    Please visit us at a later time for the pricing information on private online tutoring.