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A+ Interactive Math
by A+ Tutorsoft Inc.

Product Features Comparison

  CD (Windows) Based Software Internet Based
Feature Description eBooks Standard Edition Premium Edition Single Grade Level Online Family Math Packages Online
Core Contents
Comprehensive course contents  
Recommended Lesson Plan  
Colorful and engaging multimedia lessons that use all three learning modalities - Audio, Visuals and Text (does the teaching for you and saves you time. Self-paced, engaging and fun).  
Interactive Q&A with instant feedback and step-by-step problem solving instructions using Audio, Visuals and Text (helps identify learning gaps and automatically re-teaches to close learnings gaps).  
Curriculum Book in eBook-like format
Printable Worksheet for each lesson
Printable Exam for each chapter
Worksheet Solution Guide with step-by-step solution to each problem on the worksheets
Exam Solution Guide with step-by-step solution to each problem on the exams
Cumulative Review
Cumulative Review Solution Guides
Formula reference sheets
Ability to fast forward or rewind any lesson  
Ability to replay an entire lesson  
Ability to view the lesson in "text-only" mode without audio and animated visuals  
Ability to mute the audio  
Ability to skip lessons and go back to any lesson at a later time  
Set academic start date    
Ability to record student assignments scores (Interactive Q&A, Worksheets and Exams)    
Track student progress    
Progress report in graphical view for easy interpretation    
Print progress reports    
Hide/Unhide worksheets answer key    
Hide/Unhide step-by-step Worksheets Solution Guide    
Hide/Unhide exams answer key    
Hide/Unhide step-by-step Exams Solution Guide    
View weekly progress report in "certificate-like" format    
Print weekly progress report in "certificate-like" format    
Automatically graded worksheets      
Automatically graded exams      
Generate additional worksheets      
Generate additional exams      
Review each question on completed worksheets with step-by-step solution      
Review each question on completed exams with step-by-step solution      
Print assignments that are completed online      
Hide/unhide answer key and step-by-step solution when working on worksheets online      
Internet based with 24/7 access from any computer with high speed internet access      
1-Month, 3-Month or a Full Year subscription      
Change Grade Levels to fit Student's Learning Needs        
Access to All Grade Levels for each Student        
Economical options for 1 Student to 10 Students Package