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Interactive Multimedia Learning & Teaching Management System Suite


The following information is designed to help you navigate the site quickly and effectively. Our top of the line math program is designed with homeschoolers in mind. We offer comprehensive curriculum with a variety of options to provide quality mathematics education and make it affordable for every homeschool family. No matter the budget or learning style, we have options to help fit your needs.
Be certain your children are getting a foundation in math they can build on.
Where to start?
Our all NEW "Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan" is designed to help you identify and close learning gaps in as little as just 3-months or less. It administers a series of "mini tests" to identify learning gaps for all major math concepts. It then creates an "individualized" lesson plan that includes everything you need to close the learning gaps!
This is a different Log In than placement test (same username and password usage is fine). The Online program is FREE for the first Month!
It takes only a few minutes and will show you and your child exactly how to use the program.
Overview of our softwares
A+ Curriculum Choices
Our Family Math Packages are specially designed to cater to both individual & family needs. Options range from 1 student package to 10 students package. A+ Family Packages are the most flexible program on the market -allowing you to change grade levels as needed. This is excellent for those needing to review previous grade levels or move ahead.
Important features
  • Access to all grade levels for each student (K1 - Algebra 1)
  • Change the grade level to fit student needs at any time
  • Comprehensive Math Curriculum for the whole family
  • Teaches, Grades, Measures, Reviews and Tracks
  • Multiple learning styles to fit student needs
  • Includes all A+ Interactive Math Online program features and functions with weekly lesson plan, engaging and fun multimedia lessons and interactive review, online worksheets and exams, cumulative review, automatic grading, tracking and reports.
  • Buy now for future use and save BIG!
Our Full Online Curriculum is highly recommended. It will take your child from Kindergarten to Algebra I with no learning gaps and you can be sure they'll be prepared for higher math.
Important features
  • Daily animated lessons that your child can understand & enjoy
  • A quick interactive quiz to follow up and make certain they "get it"
  • Worksheets for practice - can be done online or printed out (we also have a printed workbook for purchase separately if you prefer - it includes exams)
  • Final exam for each chapter
  • Program will teach and track grades for you - enjoy as much or as little parental interaction as you like - Parents control access to worksheet answers
  • Program uses all 3 major learning styles - audio, visual, kinesthetic modalities
  • Additional features- step by step solution guides, lesson plans, & reference sheets
  • Use almost anywhere there is a high speed internet connection - iPad, & tablet compatible
Curriculum Software Cd's use the same teaching/learning styles as the online program.
Differences from Online
  • Standard & Premium enjoy the ability to use over again with other children
  • Must print the worksheets or order a printed workbook (additional $24.99 - includes exams)
  • Premium Software CD offers electronic grade book where parents can easily put students grades after checking work using our solutions manual -included on CD
  • Weekly certificate of accomplishment "progress report" for students & parent
Supplemental Curriculum - great for those who need help with core subjects - such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions or just want extra practice.
Books & Workbooks - perfect to carry for on the go learning, extra practice, and for those who don't want to print their own.
eBooks & Software Download - eBooks compatible for Kindle, tablet, and other eReaders. Software Download gives you an instant access to our A+ Interactive Math Software for your Windows PC.
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