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A+ Interactive Math
by A+ Tutorsoft Inc.

Homeschool Math CD Software

Our CD Software offers full curriculum for each grade level - and supplemental software to teach individual concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions.

  • Full curriculum CDs - offers everything you need to give your child a strong foundation in mathematics.
  • Supplemental CDs - teach individual concepts

Read detailed descriptions about the Software programs below

Full Curriculum CD Software
The Curriculum CD Software includes comprehensive course contents for each grade level. A+ Interactive MATH Curriculum CD Software makes learning MATH fun and easy by using audio, colorful animated visuals and text. It provides opportunity to learn using many real-life situations. Students practice problem solving with step-by-step solutions. If you are looking for a program with . . . .
  • Computerized lessons.
  • Interactive quizzes.
  • Step-by-step explanations.
  • Printable worksheet & exams.
  • Students are required to show their work.

A+ is a complete and highly effective MATH curriculum which allows parents to remain in control while alleviating any burden of teaching MATH concepts. Parents are NOT required to have mastery of MATH, but are able to maintain involvement at whatever level they deem necessary. Read more...

homeschool online math.
Supplemental CD Software

The Supplemental Software CDs cover a logical group of specific math concepts from several grade levels. They are designed to assist those students who may have gaps in particular areas of MATH, such as fractions. The supplemental CDs offer in-depth review of those MATH concepts from a very basic to a more advanced level. This gives students necessary review of those math concepts to build a strong foundation. Read more...